Sad Sunday

Well, it’s all over.
The vacation that I counted down for since mid-November.
In a flash.

We start back tomorrow. Teachers only, until Thursday, when the kids roll in. It’s a whole new group of them, so there’s the whole “setting the tone” thing, that we have to do all over. The plus side is — I was getting tired of the old kids (and they were me, I’m sure) AND I get to teach Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. No more 1a, for now…..
We also have three games this week, with Starmount (our rival) tucked neatly in the middle of the week, at home…
Good times.

–>Good Movie: Napoleon Dynamite.
–>Not Good Movies: Dodgeball and [even worse] Anchorman

That’s all for now. Let the games begin!!

4 Replies to “Sad Sunday”

  1. Wow! You sound rejuvenated since the break! Good luck with the new semester…and, of course, the games this week!

  2. First, I know Sarah didn’t post that more than 30 minutes before I saw your comment Teresa. You’re making me look bad!

    Second, I can’t wait to hear the stories about the kids back from break. I know I was out of control when I got back. Maybe I’ll go to work this week the same way I used to come back to school after two weeks off.

  3. How was your first day back for 2005? Just think, you’re a veteran teacher now that you’ve completed a whole first year! Where’d you all go for lunch today? Call me tomorrow if you are going out!

  4. A veteran… yes.

    For lunch, I went to The Fridge and had the special: homemade salad and water. 🙂

    I don’t know what anyone else did, I was too busy working (scrambling to get ready for school) to notice. Oh, and I don’t know if you forgot… I’m way out in the TRAILER. Kind of makes it difficult to see people “in passing”….

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