Summer Camp Suicide

Derek and I saw this yesterday at Harris Teeter and decided it was a “must have”.

I like Diet Dr. Pepper. I like cherry flavored beverages. I like vanilla flavored beverages. Naturally, this seemed a good fit.

The analysis: It tastes like “Suicide” from summer camp (for me: YMCA Camp Arthur G. Hough). For those of you that never spent a week or two away from home, in a cabin, on a lake, hearing ghost stories, making boondoggle keychains, creating skits, never showering, and living out pre-adolescent romances…
A Suicide is a beverage consisting of every possible soda dispensed from the fountain.

After lunch, I would race to the Snack Shop and use my money card to purchase a frozen Snickers and a suicide (grand total $0.75). Then, we would have 1 hour of nap time — which consisted of 6 hyper, cracked out girls, squirming on their bunks, giggling and getting reprimanded and counting the minutes until the afternoon freedom began.

And that’s the tale of the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper experience. Stay tuned for the next installment of Sarah Reminisces.

10 Replies to “Summer Camp Suicide”

  1. I second the suicide…and middle school. You never really said if you liked it or not.

  2. I do like it. I think the novelty will soon wear off, as with other diet beverages. Nothing can replace the syrupy goodness of 54 grams of carbs. 🙂

  3. Why do i have this image of Derek, sitting on the couch, Sarah’s head on his shoulder, typing that response to her post.

    To which Sarah waits nearly a full day to respond back.

    Ahhhh, married life.

  4. That’s NOT how it went down. Derek posted it. Told me about it, later. Then I responded only a few hours later. If you’ll note the time was 12:14 AM — which is only 14 minutes into the new day. Frankie is a jerk.

  5. A.M……P.M…..what’s the difference?

  6. And it only took an hour and 26 minutes for you to respond to me. The Jerk of an uncle. A gazzillion miles away. So there!!

  7. I have this image of you, Frankie, checking my site over and over and over, and finally decided that enough time had passed for you to leave a comment without seeming hypocritical. Big fat meanie.

  8. I’m not fat!!

  9. Yeah, I guess not. Big Tall Meanie.

  10. That’s better!

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