Ok, ok, I’m very slack.

I am pretty overwhelmed at this point. And I do believe it’s too early in the semester to had said feeling of overwhelmedness. (I’d wager that’s not a word).
Anyhow, so, yes, I’d like a few hours (a solid block of about 15 should do it), just to catch up and *gasp* maybe even get ahead a wee little bit. Like, by about two days would be nice…. Wishful thinking…

Let me see. In the SRL news room:
1. We lost Saturday night. I think we’re 7-5 or 6-5. I don’t know.
2. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Could mean snow days. Could mean a super cold walk from my trailer to the office. I’ll have to minimize the trips and maximize my efficiency. Or start driving over. 🙂
3. My diet is going ok. We are re-introducing “good carbs”. (in other words: the crappy carbs that no on wants to eat).
4. We took Lucy for a long walk on Saturday. Then Derek took her in the mud on Sunday. Then I bathed her and got to be the bad guy. She’s deathly afraid of me if I’m within 15 feet of a tub. Poor dog.

I do believe that’s all. I am sure I’ve left off many exciting tales of my adventures, but the cozy, warm bed is beckoning…. Sarah…. Sarah….

I’m coming, bed.

3 Replies to “Sinking”

  1. I appreciate the warm bed so much more when it’s so cold outside and the heat pump just can’t pull enough heat out of the air to make it warm inside.

  2. One more day left in this week!!! I’m so tired. I can’t wait to sleep in on Saturday. All the way to 8:30!!! 🙂

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