Beats All You Ever Saw

*cough* *sniffle* *cough* *cough*

I’ve been sick all weekend. Nothing like having a weekend cold.

The bright side of that story is…
CMT had a Dukes Of Hazzard Weekend. It was great. I watched several episodes, as I faded in and out of drug induced sleep (legal, over the counter medications, that is).

Bo and Luke, Uncle Jesse and Daisy, Roscoe P. Coltraine (when I was little, I thought it was Rosco Peeco Train) and Boss Hog… it brought me back to my childhood. Every Friday night at Mommo’s house (great grandma’s). Chillin’ with the Dukes. Word.

Weather is supposed to be yucky tonight. We’ll see how they call it in the AM. School or not, that is.

7 Replies to “Beats All You Ever Saw”

  1. No school. That’s the decision.

  2. AND — we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow (tuesday). I love NC!!!

  3. ditka wanted to say “hi” to lucy. he misses her because it is too snowy to go to the park.

  4. we should coordinate park visits. lucy likes to play. not always the same “way” that ditka likes to play. but, whatever, it tires her out one way or the other!

  5. Hey, Sarah! I hope you are feeling much better now. You’ve had lots of extra time to rest this week, huh? I’ll try to get by and visit soon. I was scheduled for Monday but the big snow cancelled my plans!

  6. teresa who?

  7. we will have to coordinate park visits. this weekend we are trying to get the house ready to sell, so no fun trips for ditka. let me know when lucy wants to go and we’ll see what we can do!

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