Today, as I started my first period class, I was interrupted by rattling keys on my trailer door. I turned, expecting one of the usual suspects — a principal on the rounds or a custodian…

Nope, not so much. This time, the “team of three” strolled in slowly — like Armageddon (the movie). My enthusiasm came to a screeching halt. My face filled with heat (and became red with blood as one of my observant students pointed out). My hands suddenly shook. I was getting observed.

Anyhow, it went ok. I was only reviewing for the period. It was my last one for the year (4 total), so that’s all out of the way. I now know I can’t trust my mentor to fill me in on the surprise observations. At least I learned that today.

In other news… there’s none really.

3 Replies to “Surprise!!”

  1. Hooray for no more stressful observations this year!

  2. I agree. I’m glad it’s over. They get easier and easier. That’s what I heard, and now that’s what I know.

  3. This journal entry gizzoogled:

    Today, as i started mah fiznirst period class, i was interrupted by rattl’n keys on mah traila door. i turned, expect’n one of tha usual suspects — a principal on tha rounds or a custodian…

    nizzles not so M-to-tha-izzuch. this time, tha “team of three” strolled in slowly — like armageddon (the movie) with my hoes on my side, and my strap on my back. mah enthusiasm came ta a screech’n hizzay. mah face filled wit heat (and became red wit blood as one of mah observant students pointed out) puttin tha smack down. mah hands suddenly shook sho nuff. i was rhymin’ observed.

    izzles it wizzle ok. i was only weed-smokin’ fo` tha period . Freak y’all, into the beat y’all. it was mah last one fo` tha year (4 total), so thats all out tha way. i now knizzow i cizzant trust mah mentor ta fizzay me in on tha surprise observations. at least i learned that today.

    in otha news… theres none really

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