Whooping Cough

I’ve been fighting a seemingly chronic case of coughing lately. I jokingly refer to it as my “whooping cough”. I guess it’s not as bad. But, I’ve never had whooping cough, so I wouldn’t know. This is no fun. I know that. I’ve been sleeping in a seperate room, to be considerate of my dear husband’s sleeping needs. It’s quite an ordeal, this whole coughing thing…

It’s Tuesday. Tomorrow’s Wednesday. Then we’re over the hump. I’m giving a test tomorrow, so the day will FLY by and I can get lots of stuff done, while the victims (students) take the test. Then, I’ll have a stack of 48 tests to grade. It’s a neverending cycle of fun math stuff. Go MATH!!!

Well, I have to go get medicated and prepare my quarantined sleeping arrangements. I’m hooked on NyQuil, Robitussin and high octane cough drops. No Fruit Breezers for me. Bring the Menthol Halls Max…

Good night.

2 Replies to “Whooping Cough”

  1. Sarah,
    I hope you are feeling much better now. Teaching has taken quite a toll on your health, huh?
    I know that I had promised to stop by on Monday to see you but I have yet to visit FHS. I fell over the weekend and badly sprained my foot so I’ve been a big baby all week with crutches and lots of pampering! Even if I had made it, I could not have possibly trekked out to the trailer park and hear that you can no longer park between them!
    Feel better soon!

  2. Tabetha Hutchens (Tabby) says:

    hey i hope your feeling better. I’ve also had a really bad cough for about 5 days now. I hate it. I know this aint on the subject but me and David are dating again! we started dating feb.13 the day b4 Valentine’s. do you have any pic’s of him that you have taken at school or did you take pic’s of the students at the sucess academy? well i might see you this summer cause im getting my mom to sign me up for summer school for english 2 cause i failed it. but email me sometime please. ttyl

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