I’ve got to be free

No significance to the journal title today. Just listening to Styx. A little “Come Sail Away”. It’s one of those songs that sends me spiraling back into the late eighties/early nineties as I started high school…. Good ol’ Batavia High School.

Let’s see here…
I’ve been absent from online lately. We had a short little outage at our residence that we thought was the result of a storm. Figuring that, surely, someone else reported it, we never called the cable company. Finally, after a couple of days, Derek called and it had never been reported. They fixed it. And we’re back in the cyber race.

I’m still sick with the whooping cough.

Last night at volleyball, I got called for having my hand tangled in the net while my team served.

We are exactly halfway through the semester today (Day #45).

I made the decision to return to Forbush next year. Then, in a (very procrastinated) effort to get the classes I need and take the tests I’m supposed to take, I hopped online and got on the phone….
Only to discover that I have quite a bit more of a scramble than I originally thought. I have to take a hard test (Praxis II) in June. And pass. And take a couple Salem College courses this summer. Big bucks. Good thing I bring home the bacon! Only not really.

Come Sail Away is over. And I’m out.

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