1 down, 29 to go…

So, my first year of teaching is (unofficially) over. I still have to go through the final checkout process. I was running late Thursday and the line to the principal was long, and well, I figured I’d just make an appearance on Tuesday for old time’s sake anyway….

I’ve also started classes at both WSSU and Salem College. They last one month and they are quite intense. I’m a little anxious about them.

We are on our way to a fellow teacher’s house for a party. They are actually a married pair of English teachers at FHS and the husband is leaving to hike the App Trail and then go back for his PhD.

Tomorrow, at precisely 9:30 am, we are going on our first quest to find a new home. It’s exciting. In a way-off-in-the-not-so-near-future kind of way. And in a $150,000 way.

Gotsto go. The teacher party beckons!

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