Movin’ On Up

Derek and I bought a house today.

We went looking last weekend and we saw this one and it was perfect. We both loved it. We went back and looked last night and decided to make an offer. A few minutes ago and a couple of counter offers later, it was ours!!

We’re pretty excited.
We close on July 8th.
Let the madness begin….

8 Replies to “Movin’ On Up”

  1. With the landscaping possibilities, i bet your mother is more excited about this than you are.

  2. yeah, now she’ll definitely visit me more than you!!

  3. I’m so excited for you! Where is it located? Any bites on yours yet? I met you and Lucy coming to school the other day as I was leaving but I had to run as I was late (as usual) to a meeting…sorry I missed you.

  4. Happy Day!

    Lowe’s stock should go up with this news.


  5. the house is in lewisville, nc.
    i saw you (teresa) leaving fhs the other day. but, you didn’t stop to see us. whatever.
    are you still working? i’m up there until wednesday this week with camp.

  6. Sweet house! I’ll be sure to buy you both a lawn gnome.

  7. All kidding aside, i must admit, it really does look like a nice house. I suspect i know the answer to this, but it wasn’t listed on the internet per chance, was it? Perhaps with some interior pictures?

  8. i can email you some pics. email me, so i can get your address. i got a new laptop awhile back and didn’t export my address book. i’m a slacker. you would almost never know i was once a computer geek. you know, except for the website.

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