Dos Anos

Today marks the two year anniversary of my marriage to Derek R. Lidbom.
Yup. Two years ago today, we were standing in the cold fog, awaiting our forever together. Today, I’m in a warm house, awaiting my trip to school.

In school news… we are down to the final week. Not including two days next week for exams, of course. Four more days of cramming math into the brains of my pumpkins. And then…. SUMMMER!!!!

(Summer for me means two classes (one from Salem, one from WSSU, two parts of the Praxis 2 exam, a trip to Elon with Student Athlete Leaders for one week and the Future Falcon Hoops camp. That’s actually all in in June. Good times, good times.

Well, that’s all. Peace and Chicken Grease.

5 Replies to “Dos Anos”

  1. Happy Anniversary! 😀

    I love you!

    Also, you forgot to talk about Jake and Batavia for the summer.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    How did you forget about the boy wonder?

    Good news. His teeth are ok enough that he doesn’t need a new retainer! Happy day. Though Jake was disappointed. He said it made him popular at school. Go figure.

    Send a pic of your garden. When you get a chance. Please.


  3. sarah at school says:

    i also forgot some closing parentheses.

  4. Do you think this time Mom will thank you without having first been goaded by a guilt trip?

    And since it’s lasted a full 2 years, you can officially keep the gift.

  5. frankthelib, I’m not your mom.

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