Red 991 Heaven

Today, when I arrived at home, I was greeted by my husband and our faithful companion, Lucy. Lucy was wearing her hiking pack and was rambunctious, and I assumed that Derek had gone on a walk with her.

I sat down to eat my [warmed over] dinner and Derek pointed out that there was something in Lucy’s pack for me. I gave the sides of the pack a squeeze and the realization that they were sneakers came over me.

I unzipped the sides to reveal my heart’s desire: Red 991’s. The room filled with brightness. I’ll never need another sneaker. This is the last pair. (I say that every time).

In other news, Julie starts back to school with her crazy teacher tomorrow. The sentence was served.

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  1. Sarah wanted me to post a correction to her post above. It should actually say, “…to reveal my heart’s second desire.” Because sneakers can’t exactly buy her more sneakers, now can they?

  2. Gabriel Lowder says:


    PS..Nice Kicks!

  3. Wow, what a nice surprise after the day you were having when I saw you! Did you find the keys? Love the shoes!

  4. the keys were in my trailer. shut up.

  5. Next time, get a tattoo that’s gonna match the shoes you’re planning to buy 7 years hence.

    Sheeeesh, even i know enough to do that!

  6. come on, frankie. you know full well that conservatives aren’t planners. we fly by the seat of our pants. duh.

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