5 Replies to “1% Milk”

  1. The Napoleon Dynamite himself.

    “I caught you a delicious bass”

  2. Gosh. This is the worst day of my life. I’m Kip. No matter how I fill out the stupid thing it keeps coming up Kip. I pretend to be Napolean and answer like I think he would and it comes up Kip. Is this rigged? Or does it mean I have a hopeless personality disorder that I can’t shake?

  3. At first I thought you had a trick new feature that would identify someone checking out your site and bring up a movie character with the same name. After I caught on, I took the test and I am most like Napoleon Dynamite.


  4. Mom's brother. says:

    Your first clue should have been that your mom doesn’t go to college. I mean really.

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