It’s a very hectic time right now.
I’m taking two classes, one at Salem College and one at Winston-Salem State. They are both rather intense. In fact, I have a midterm this morning for the WSSU class, and it’s only the third class (and third to last class!).
Tomorrow I take the Praxis 2. In Boone. At 7:30 am. Fun times.
Then, Sunday, I take 3 kids from Forbush to a Leadership Camp at Elon until thursday afternoon. During this time, almost everything for one class is due, and the Friday that I return a huge project for another is due. I haven’t even started. 🙂

Put all that together with buying and moving into a new house, and you’re talking the recipe for nervous breakdown!!

Oh, and yesterday, I finalized that the ever incompetent Licensure Specialist at my school (who will remain un-named for search engine purpuses), made a critical mistake and I now need one more credit THIS SUMMER.
What makes the situation the most frustrating is, she’s yet to apologize for giving me incorrect information. Furthermore, she acts as though it’s my fault for accepting this information, when she’s the only person I can go by for what to do.
“Taking summer classes is a reality for lateral entry teachers,” is what she said. As though I’m not taking them. Taking extra crap, that I don’t need, for the rest of my summer is where I have the issue. Not to mention the extra tuition. She’s stupid.

Derek said I can’t send her a bomb threat. He’s so level-headed.

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  1. The test is tomorrow.
    If I pass — I stay a teacher.
    If I fail — I find a new living.

  2. ps. We get up at 4 am. Leave by 5. By 7:30, I’ll be calculus-ing away.

  3. Why not just go “Julie” on her?

  4. the first test was super hard. i almost ran out of time. the second part (the “teaching” part) was easier. hopefully i passed. or else i don’t get to teach in the fall!
    i leave for camp, for the week, in a couple of hours. i slept for about 11 hours last night. it was nice. for the rest of the week, i’m not looking at very much sleep.
    here we go!

  5. Great advice from Derek! It will all work out but the tone is a bit overwhelming at times…even for those of us who have been in the system for a few more years.

  6. sarah at camp says:

    I’m at camp. I just came to the library to send off an assignment for one of my classes. All is well. Tired. Very tired. I would like to sleep now and I’m not allowed. Only two more hours. And then three more days………………

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