And in the blink of an eye…

…. my summer is gone.

I got approval for the one credit independent study yesterday. It is due on August 12th. That’s two weeks from today. So, if you figure it is about 40 or 50 hours of intense labor, that’s the equivalent of a part time job. So, I’ll be working away, for the rest of my summer. Seems only yesterday that I was looking at a long, empty summer ahead. Full of possibilities.

Then I took two classes.
Went to two summer camps.
Went to NY for Jiji’s graduation.
Had family for awhile.
Returned the family to NY.
And now I’m going to be doing schoolwork. Schoolwork that shouldn’t be necessary, I’ll add. It will be useful, and I’ll learn a lot doing it. But, it’s extra stuff, that had my courses lined up in a better order, I would not be doing. I’m not bitter.

In other news, I’m becoming rather bored with this site. I’m thinking of doing something drastic. Do I have time? No. But will that stop me? Probably.

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