I took Jake Paine home to NY over the weekend. I got back on Sunday night. I have been scrambling ever since, to get this one last elusive credit taken care of. What a pain in my butt!!!

Anyhoooo… while I was in NY, Sarah Powers was there, so we frollicked about the town, old school style. Except it was filled with little kids. Seems I’ve grown old, since leaving Batavia, NY. Some of the kids out on the bar scene were campers of mine. Weird!

So, I’m back, and it’s 100 degrees and that’s hot and I’m not too motivated to work out or do yard maintenance because I’d rather not die. So, I sit inside all day. Good times.

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  1. Nothing about your afternoon with moi?

    For more current news: Jake is spending the night here tonight. And tomorrow if he so chooses. Which means hours and hours of Looney Tunes DVD’s……which compels me to thank you, once again, for them wonderful Christmas gifts these past 2 years. Keep ’em comin’.

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