8 Replies to “Favorite Picture Ever”

  1. Good job blocking out. Girl’s got spunk.

  2. yeah. at least her coach can’t yell at her.
    i wish i could see the imminent over-the-back that’s about to not be called.

  3. It does seem her efforts would appear to be rather futile.

    It is a funny picture though.

  4. That is absolutely hilarious.

    I wonder how tall they are…

  5. Knapp AKA "Hitman" says:

    Hey, 25 for the liberty….Becky Hammon….friend of mine……

  6. How tall is she? How do you know her? High School? NY Sports scene? Don Mattingly fan club?

  7. She’s about 5’7″. I met her out in the city a few times, hung out with her a few times. Really cool girl, and believe it or not, very pretty

  8. naomi hoots says:

    thats not too funny to me im short

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