I just sent THE email.
The one with the link to the bibliography I did for my one credit independent study.
The one that signals the start of “my summer”.
No one will own this part. No classes. No moves. No camps. No NY trips. Just me, the house, the dog and the sun. Oh, yeah, and it’s over next Thursday, when we return to school. Happy summer!!!
Well, next summer will be all mine. 🙂

For anyone interested in how I’ve spent tens of hours in the last two weeks: here’s the link to the bibliography. Enjoy!

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  1. I want to read about all of those pigs. Maybe I’ll check it out if it’s not too “mathy”….I’m not a ‘mathy’ person.

  2. Perhaps reading about all of the pigs will make you “mathy”. Give it a try!


  3. Algebra for Athletes
    Bauer, Cameron, (Nova Science Publishers, 1998), 264 p.
    This book appeals to the athletes who already possess a vast resource of mathematical knowledge because of their athletic history. Parts of it read like a text book, but other parts read like an illustrated story. This book may spark the interest of a non-math oriented athlete, as well as, supplement the curriculum for the rest of the class. There are also many advanced concepts, delving into college level material.

    So that explains that 100 i got on my algebra regents. And i thought i was just smart.

  4. Hooray! Enjoy your summer.

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