First Cold

I believe I have officially contracted my first cold of the 2005-2006 school year. It’s pretty much a fact of life, when you spend 6 hours a day with 30 teenagers. They put their germs everywhere. Bleh.

I’m fighting it off pretty hard with DayQuil, NyQuil, and Vitamin C.

I have a big week coming up. In one class, I owe several papers. In my Modern Algebra class, I have some homeork due, and my portfolio (typed notes and selected homework problems — sounds easy, but remember it’s math — not easy to type). I also have a test on Wednesday in that class.

At my job-school, I have a pretty packed week, with the grand finale on Friday — My first of four yearly observations.

This is my opportunity to showcase my exceptional teaching skills to a panel of experts (principal, new teacher coordinator, and mentor/department chair/county teacher of the year)…
Good times.

I guess I’ll begin the getting nervous process soon. That, combined with the cold should make for a pretty good diet.

Ok, goodnight.

4 Replies to “First Cold”

  1. I didn’t realize people got colds in North Carolina.

  2. You’re confusing the noun and the adjective. It doesn’t get cold here, but people get colds.

  3. Why aren’t you posting more often? What are you, busy?

  4. I believe I successfully avoided the cold.

    And yes, it seems in fact, that I am busy.

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