What Weekend?

My weekend.

Ok, it wasn’t terrible. But, it wasn’t a break from much of anything.

I spent ALL saturday grading papers. Papers that I’ve put off. Papers that I just got. 10 class sets of stuff:

  • Algebra II Chapter 3 Tests
  • Algebra II Linear Programming Assignment
  • Algebra 1a classwork (2 classes, 3 different assignments).
  • Algebra 1a homework packets (8 nights of homework).

    I did take one break to workout, read a chapter for one of my WSSU classes, shower and go out to eat. And we got some Maggie Moo’s Better Batter with sprinkles!! (it’s like funfetti cake).

    Today (Sunday), after church, I made a test and study guide for Algebra 1a.
    Then, I did some homework for Modern Algebra.
    Now, I just finished up a paper on technology in math. Complete with two references.

    I just glanced at the clock, and it seems my weekend is over. Some weekend.

  • 3 Replies to “What Weekend?”

    1. You’re still overpaid.

    2. Don’t I know it. It’s like it’s own system of checks and balances. Since EVERYONE knows I’m so overpaid, they make teachers hours SOOO short, that we have to take work home. This eliminates any chance that we might pick up a part time job to earn extra cash (furthering our income and robbing from other poor Americans)…

    3. I can vouch for Sarah’s busy weekend.

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