Grading Woes

I had almost forgotten just how much I hate to grade papers. That is, until tonight.

I gave my first test in Algebra II today. The average grade was 77. That is quite below what I had expected. But, hopefully, this will shock the kids out of whatever summer vacation they are still coasting on, and get them into gear.

I spent the whole weekend grading quizzes and homework assignments (much easier tasks, if I do say so myself), and already a new pile has stacked up for the upcoming weekend. Papers, papers, papers, everywhere!

In other news, I’m about 80% sure that I’ll be taking my desks out of “groups” and putting them in the dreaded, conversation-blocking, student hated ROWS. I just don’t think my kids in Algebra Ia can handle the “opportunities” to talk. It’s very frustrating. I spend most of my day fussing at freshmen, and I don’t think I can take 81 more.

That is all…. 2 more days until another glorious weekend!!!

3 Replies to “Grading Woes”

  1. I just wanna go on record as saying you’re last 2 posts have not left much room for snotty sarcastic comments.

    So i’ll just tell you we now have a cat at the wandryk/molloy household. Still nameless, however, as Julie and I are unable to agree on a name.

    Oh, and she’s allergic to him.

  2. I think you should name the cat Tom. After Tom and Jerry. Since you love cartoons and all. Or you can name it after Garfield, or Heathcliff, or any other cartoon cat. Or you can name it Franklin. Like in Charlie Brown. Because that’s a cool name. I like people names for pets.

  3. I suggested Pee Wee (after Pee Wee Herman) but Julie wasn’t too keen on that. And if i went with franklin, people would think i named my cat after myself…and come on….how retarded would that be? She said she wanted a Halloween name but not Salem. So i’m lobbying for Spooky. Black cat…..Halloween…..Spooky. I think it’s perfect. Or we could name it Napolean. Or just go with Pedro. Who knows?

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