Weekend Update

News from the weekend:

On Friday night, I attended a Forbush football game (with my faithful companion, Lucy). They lost 9-0 to North Iredell. I met a 9 year old N. Iredell fan named Jonathan who kept us company for most of the evening. I also learned quite a bit about young Jonathan. He might have a girlfriend. He wrote a girl named Jessica a note on Friday and she’s supposed to get back to him on Monday, concerning the aforementioned relationship.

On Saturday morning, I drove out to Hobby Park for my first REAL mountain bike ride in about 2 years. I learned a few things:
1. I’m terribly out of shape.
2. I’m two years less reckless.
3. Mountain biking is rough on one’s posterior. (I actually already knew that, but I was reminded, and continue to be reminded.)

Saturday evening, Derek and I had some company from other “members” of our NEW church. Two couples, Brad and Allison, and Ryan and Gloria came over for a cookout, some scrumptious ice cream sundaes and board games. We played boys v. girls Cranium (girls won) and Taboo (boys won). It was a pleasantly competitive and enjoyable evening.

Today, we went to church. Then we went on a quest to replace the lid for my Nalgene bottle. At the football game LAST weekend, my principal’s son broke the strap, during a minor spell of destructiveness. Ever since then, I have been prone to dropping the bottle (today it dropped onto my head). Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a match and came home.
Upon arrival, I napped.
I’ve spent the rest of the evening writing lesson plans, grading papers and filling in my grade book. Good times, indeed.

How was your weekend??

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  1. My weekend was good. I did pretty much the same thing as you minus the MTBX’ing and school stuff.

    You have a typo in your post. Where it says “boys won” Taboo, won should read “trounced the girls”.

    Later on Saturday evening, the girls talked upstairs and the guys went down to play Goldeneye. First time I’ve played in probably 3 years. Fun times.

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