Fences and Dogs

We’ve been very busy this weekend, installing a new fence in our backyard. I think we are saving about $1000 by doing it ourselves, but it’s been quite a task. I think it will be finished by tomorrow night. Finally… no more walking the dog(s) on leashes in our own backyard.

Which brings me to the next point: We are “testing out” a new dog. He’s a boy. He doesn’t have a name yet. We’re open to suggestions. He’s really very sweet. Kind of dumb. Still very puppy-like. He annoys Lucy to death. He’s outside right now because he pooped on the carpet. After being outside ALL DAY!


We are crazy.

I’ll post pics sometime. Something’s wrong with Photoshop on my laptop, so I’m finally being forced to learn Macromedia’s stupid software. Bleh!

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  1. Very cool! Your new boy sounds a bit like ours, except for the pooping part. How old is he? Cassie was miffed for a few months after we brought Toby home, but now they’re best buds. Good luck adjusting! You are crazy. We are too. But we love it!

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