If Thoughts Could Kill…

Last night, in my Algebraic Structures class, everything was going well. We had 5 minutes remaining. Our Professor of Mathematics with a PHD behind her name had remained uncharacteristically positive for the first 70 minutes. We were feeling pretty good about the material. It looked like we were heading for an uneventful class.

Then, she struck.

I was following along in my book, comparing, contrasting and taking notes. Dr. SmartyPants saw this, and told me to close my book, and that (in a nutshell), I needed to “indulge her” and she would teach me the material. I could read the book later.

Stunned, I stated my case that I was just trying to follow along and understand. She insisted that I close the book. So, I did. Sarcastically, of course. I have her a big thumbs up and a “Ok, you got it (chief)” and a big smirk.

She replied with the following statement: “If looks could kill, I’d be dead. Yeah, well if thoughts could kill you’d be dead.”

My mouth dropped open and shouts of “oooohhhh!!!” erupted from my classmates.
I conveyed that I thought it was inappropriate for her to ask me to close my book, and that it was hindering my learning. She didn’t change her stance. The book was to remained closed.

She called on me later and asked that “if I wasn’t too mad, still” could I state the next line of a proof “without opening my book”.

Finally, at the end of class, she informed us that her classroom is a monarchy and we have to indulge her every now and then. She also apologized if my feelings got hurt and that I got riled up. Not that she did anything, but that I got hurt and riled up.

So, things are going well at WSSU.

In other news, we’re getting a new dog tonight.

6 Replies to “If Thoughts Could Kill…”

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but i’m beginning to like this woman.

  2. menopause.

  3. Sarah, it sounds like you do alot better than I typically did with professors from sheol. (I figure if they’ve got a phd behind their name, they can stand a little “innocent” ribbing now and then:-D) I would’ve loved to seen your “big thumbs up and a “Ok, you got it (chief)” and a big smirk.” melee. You seriously need to record this woman on your Zen, that is, of couse, if she’ll let you.

  4. Maybe she googled you and read your “factoring” post. To which, i can’t wait to hear what happens now that she’s read your “if thoughts could kill…” post.

  5. No news to report from the crazy PHD math teacher. She’s said a few mean things here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary for her. I hate being in her class. YOu just never know when the next rant will take place. I can’t wait to fill out the course evaluations.

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