So, I am pretty much overwhelmed with work. It just keeps piling on. And with basketball on the horizon, it’s not looking like it will slow down anytime soon.

I spent all weekend grading things. Three tests from Friday. Four seperate sets of homework. Good times.

We also finally started meeting with the youth in our new church. By “youth” I mean the TWO kids who came last night. A brother and sister combo. Hey, it’s a start….

We are trying to rid ourselves of Sparky The Destroyer. The dog chews anything he can find. He got ahold of Derek’s GPS system and Rec Specs and that pretty much sealed the deal. Unfortunately, the lady that was fostering him was “so sure that we would be a fit”, went ahead and got a new dog to foster and has no place for sweet, chewing Sparky. So, I guess we’re stuck for now. He’s a nice dog. We just have to watch him CONSTANTLY.

Finally, my classes at WSSU are starting to pile on the work. I think I’m carrying an A into the hoops season, which is all I was hoping for. If I can just keep it a C or above, I’m all set. I’ll be an officially licensed certified 100% full fledged teacher. Just in time to burnout. 🙂

I got this new Zen Micro. It’s sweet. I am listening to Billy Joel right now. The only thing that stinks is there are certain artists that are unavailable on Rhapsody To Go. Annoying.

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  1. Keep on trucking. As long as the nostrils are above water, respiration can be performed….besides…only a month ’til thanksgiving break!

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