Crazy November

Basketball started on Monday.

Last year, it was all I could do to keep up with basketball and school. Now, I have to contend with those AND my last month of classes at WSSU. It’s going to get crazy busy for about a month.

Then, my classes will be over. And I’ll be a REAL teacher. I can’t wait!!

In other news….
Nope. There’s not any.

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  1. Do “REAL” teachers make more money? Will you then be even MORE overpaid?

  2. Nope. I make the same now as I will when I am “real”. So, that makes me currently overpaid at around $26K per year. With summers off, of course.

  3. Not all teachers are overpaid, but the union ones in Buffalo that suck and can’t compete with the charter school’s results are. Among others.

  4. I don’t claim to know much at all about charter shools vs non charter schools, but you seem to think the only difference between the 2 is the quality of the teachers. I doubt that’s the case. Secondly, i said it before and i’ll say it here, if Buffalo teachers were paid $150,000/yr the quality of teachers in Buffalo or anywhere else would skyrocket simply from competition for the jobs. So does that mean they’re overpaid, or underpaid? And if you wanna talk “overpaid”, let’s look at your typical CEO…..

  5. whereas, in NC, the low pay allows for straggler teachers like me to find their way into the system!

  6. Doesn’t explain the high quality of teachers in Catholic Schools and other church affiliated schools with lower paid staff.

    Does explain what happens when an unchecked union mentality and reality don’t jive.

  7. I’m pretty naive on the ways of modern day school systems so i can be convinced otherwise. But i’m not convinced you’re comparing apples to apples. Hit me with a comparison of Buffalo public schools to Syracuse, Utica, or Albany public schools and you’ll have a point. Though you won’t convince me a “union mentality” is the reason for Buffalo’s failing schools any more than i could convince you a “union mentality” is the reason for the success of Williamsville schools. Back to your comment on Catholic schools, i find it hard to believe their teachers would accept less pay while providing better results unless there was a reason. And i strongly suspect that reason is because they realize kids in Catholic schools are far easier to deal with, which makes their job that much easier. Perhaps Sarah can have intput as to what percentage of her kids wouldn’t last 3 weeks in a Catholic (or other private) school setting.

  8. I think that teachers in Catholic or other church affiliated schools teach there because of their religion. NOT because of the easier kids. I’m sure it’s a little easier, but I don’t think that’s the reason teachers go there.

    About half of my kids wouldn’t make the cut. Their behavior isn’t terrible. But, it’s not quite Christian school material. I like public schools. Who wants to have only the kids that have parents that can afford tuition? That’s boring. I wouldn’t work there even if it paid more. I like public schools.

    School districts are more appealing because of the kids and the community. I don’t want to teach in Forsyth County here (winston-salem). It’s like Buffalo. I like Yadkin County. There’s a ton of community support and the kids are great. The administration and most faculty grew up in Yadkin COunty and they are invested in the school. Forsyth pays like 8% more or something like that. But, it’s not worth it.

    Everyone should just get themselves a Sugar Daddy, like I did. Then you can do whatever you want (like teach math in a predominantly redneck county. good times)…..

  9. Good point on the teachers – I would guess you’re right on that one. I think you might be understating a bit the different level of student, however, between private and public schools. It might not be quite so pronounced in the suburbs, but i think in urban areas it’s a little moreso. Beyond that, it’s late and i’m much too tired to care about attemting to defend the Buffalo city school teachers.

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