Some Updates

In recent news:

Our hoops team is 8-2. We play tomorrow night against an atrocious team, so we should (barring a complete meltdown) go to 9-2. Wednesday, we play Lexington, where I started my teaching career. And then suspended it a few weeks later.

I got two A’s in my two classes. It’s official.

We have two more full days of school and then a half day that I will be gone for. We missed Thursday and Friday last week, so everyone is in a mad scramble to cram some last minute information into the kiddies’ brains.

SarahPowers is 30.

I’m fat from eating a zillion cookies.

With the exception of two purchases that can only be made in Batavia, NY, I am done Christmas shopping. I have received many great presents thus far in this Christmas season. To name a few, NHL 2006 for PS2, a football, a slinky, Crocs, a new ESV Bible, some sweet slippers and a hat and scarf.

Well, that’s about it. I have to get ready for hoops practice. Peace and chicken grease.

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  1. Dang, now i’ll have to take back that slinky i was gonna give ya. Maybe i’ll replace it with a yo-yo or something. Perhaps a Rubik’s cube. Or i could just give the slinky to Derek, and you could have “slinky down the stairs” races.

  2. Hooray, I made your “great gifts” list! Hope your Batavia time was great, too.

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