30 weeks

Today marks 30 weeks of being pregnant.
For the Frankie’s out there, that means 10 to go.

We still have an enormous amount of work to do.
I have cleared out the baby’s room for painting, but have yet to actually move towards actually painting the room. We bought a lot of baby furniture type items over the summer from various yard sales and other ex-baby owners. But, most of it’s in the basement, garage and crammed into the other upstairs bedroom (my current office).

We haven’t taken any classes on having babies yet, either. They run for 4 weekends in January. I’m not sure how that will work out, since I’m due the 27th, but we’ll see what happens, I guess.

We have a shower today. It will mostly consist of Derek’s Mom’s church friends. I don’t know how many of them I’ll even know. Luckily, Derek is coming with me, so I won’t be totally on my own.

I’m growing exceptionally fat. And, I’m sure it will just get better as time wears on. I can barely tie my right shoe. (I can still pick my left up and cross it onto my right and handle that. Due to a large number of knee surgeries, I have to bend over the floor to take care of the right). I have a hard time with the glove compartment in Derek’s car. Especially during acceleration. It’s a good time. But, I can still see my feet. So, that’s working out for now. 🙂

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