august miscellaneousness.

june and july rolled by fast. and then. it was august. and there were beach preparations. and school preparations. and, well, without further ado, here’s 25 pictures from auguest. anna picked out this fantastic light up backpack for school. park playdate. before the friends arrived. a moment of getting along. this girl can stand. from […]

thirty seven.

today i’m thirty seven weeks of pregnant. three to go… i’m starting to be a little on the side of miserable. losing my breath when i bend over to pick something up. feeling like beached whale when it’s time to roll over in bed. having all of my organs squished. (mostly bladder and lungs). constantly […]

30 weeks.

tomorrow, i will be 30 weeks of pregnant. 10 left. to derek, that’s 10 weekends left to get things together and ready, because it gets a little crazytown after that. plus we have the added bonus of trying to get christmas shopping, wrapping and decorating done, mostly for the two previously existing kiddos. anyhow, i’m […]