long sunday

another weekend come and gone.
we made no “baby-progress”. that is, we didn’t prepare in any way for the arrival of sir isaac.
we need to paint. and get the room in order.
we probably need to do a lot of stuff that we aren’t thinking of at the moment.

derek has been sick, so i’ve been steering clear of him and all his germs.
and it’s made for some pretty lazy days for the both of us lately. and lots of tv.
(we have a dvr now — no more foil covered rabbit ears!)

we had rake ‘n run for our youth group tonight.
we carted the kids around town and raked up yards and then left.
it was fun. then we ate pizza and had youth group. made for a tiring day.

in other (great) news….
we have this friday off and thursday is a half day. that’s something to look forward to all week!!

that is all.

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