thanksgiving eve

it’s the wednesday before thanksgiving.
supposedly, this is the #1 party day of the entire year.
or maybe it’s #2 after new year’s eve.
either way, i’m not going to be partying i don’t suppose.

so, there’s no kids at school today. that’s always nice.
i just graded about 150 math items. tests, quizzes and classwork type stuff.
good times. i despise grading.

let’s see….
we had a delightful dinner with my ex-mentor doyle last night.
his dog came over and played with lucy while we went out for (heartburn) mexican.
he also gave me all of his forbush paraphenalia. since he’s a quitter and won’t be coming back. (just kidding, if you read this doyle)

anyhow, that’s all the (not so important) news from my world. good bye.

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