errand day

today, derek and i completed a number of errands we had been putting off:
1. i got my license renewed. bleh.
2. derek got new glasses.
3. we deposited like 9 checks. sorry if you’ve written us a check lately.
4. we took back some Christmas gifts. (one to the mall, one to best buy)
5. we registered the Volvo.

i think that’s it.
the dmv experience was TERRIBLE. it took about 3 hours total, although some of it was my fault. there were three dmv employees, but due to driver’s tests and lunch breaks, most of the time i was there, only one employee was working. they were on #38 when we got there, and i was #58. i think the final ten minutes of my wait was just waiting for someone to pick up my new license from the license making machine and hand it to me. frustrating. plus, i was sick and uncomfortable, so it made for a long day.

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