Lesson Plans

For the last two days I have been writing lesson plans for the unlucky soul who subs for me during my maternity leave. My two classes next semester are AP Calculus and Honors Algebra II. I have not taught either ever. 🙂
I’ve taught regular Algebra II, so I know the material. I just don’t know what kind of students I’ll have. Better than I’m used to, I guess.
So, I’m on day #12 for Algebra II. It’s hard, because when I write my own notes, I just write down what problems I’ll do, and then work them out on the board. I have to show all the work on my notes, so the sub (since I don’t know what kind of math skills they’ll have) can follow along. No fun.
PLUS – I’m still battling the case of the numb fingers. So, it’s like writing after you’ve been working in the cold for a long time. Not so legible at all times. I just typed one days worth of notes, to take a break. And, in case you are wondering, typing Math notes is not fun.
The Calculus is a whole different story. There’s not much hope that I’ll find a Calc sub, so I’m just going to give them some review work while I’m out and then come back a day here and there and teach a little bit. I guess. That’s the plan for now.

I don’t like not being in control. Four weeks to go. Or will it be less? Or more?

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