down the stretch…

well, it appears i am 6 days away from my due date.
i don’t really feel like the baby has any plans to exit soon.
none of the things that people have told me to watch for have happened.
(i will spare the details of what it is that people have told me to watch for. and you’re welcome).

anyhow, we’re just waiting now.
everything is set to go.
the bags are packed.
the room is ready.
the house is clean.
we need to put a baby seat in the car, i guess.
so our logistics have been established.

now, on the other hand, i suppose we’re not really ready to have a baby at all.
i’m sure we’ll figure it out. and i’m sure there’ll be lots of people ready to help and give advice (some wanted and some unwanted, as best i can tell).

i’m pretty uncomfortable lately. i guess that’s to be expected. overall, i’d say i had it pretty easy. there was not an ounce of morning sickness. i didn’t get rashes or anything like that. i am still working. there’s the swelling and the heartburn. that’s really all i’ve had to contend with. not too shabby. unless i have like a 96 hour labor. then, i’m pretty sure i won’t be singing the same tune about this pregnancy. 🙂

well, i’ll be sure to try and keep everyone (anyone?) who reads this updated on an baby activity…..

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