Target Trip

I have discovered the wonders of taking daily trips with the boy.
1. We get out of the house, which seems smaller and smaller everyday.
2. It kills some time.
3. Isaac likes to ride in the car. He also likes to ride in carts. And if he gets bored with that, he likes to be carried around the store. So, it’s a good stretch of cry-free time.
4. It wears the monster down and he usually takes a nice long nap when we get back. (That’s what he’s doing this very moment).

So, we went to Target today. We blew through a few of the boy’s gift cards. We got him some sweet khaki pants, complete with knee pads. I guess that’s just in case he starts walking before he’s 3 months and falls down a lot. Or it’s just stylish. We also picked up a Baby Einstein DVD. My pal, and fellow mom, Lorena introduced me to this marvelous creation, and she loaned us Baby Beethoven. At first, Isaac wasn’t all that interested, but he seemed to enjoy the music. Lately, though, he’s been watching the moving puppets and toys and shapes, so we decided he needed his very own. We chose Baby Mozart.

Well, he’s up. Time to try the Mozart.

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