First Clothing Casualty

This picture is old. I may have even posted it on this blog before.

But, you see, it is the only picture I have of Isaac in this outfit. And, unless you want him to wear it off his shoulders 80’s (Cyndi Lauper) style, then it will remain the only picture.

He’s growing like a weed.
Knowing this, I decided to get some of his newborn stuff into the rotation a little more often, so I dug up the “baby” sleeper that my Calculus class bought for the boy. I got his feet and one arm in, but when I tried the other arm, it was clear that it would be very snug. Then, he kicked his legs out in a fit of rage (he despises nakedness), and his little shoulders were exposed.

I was both sad and glad.
Sad, because it’s pretty much my favorite outfit.
Glad, because he’s growing and getting easier. I’m not cut out for this fragile-newborn-baby parenting business. I think I’ll start with a used toddler next time.
I’ll never “buy” new again….

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