Stay-At-Home Mom Mayhem

After school today, I picked up Isaac from Jena’s. She said he had slept all morning and he seemed to be done eating, so I figured we should stop at the New Philadelphia Moravian Church’s Baby Clothing Sale.
It was madness!
There will like 700 stay-at-home moms who all had the same idea as me. I strapped Isaac in the Baby Bjorn so I wouldn’t set him down somewhere and forget him. Then we shopped for some cute new clothes.
I didn’t get much. The place was picked pretty clean by the time we got there (1 hour after it started). There were strollers adorned with stacks of second hand clothes everywhere. There was a whole lot of screaming babies (not my angel, of course — he slept).
Derek’s sister was there, and already in the (ginormous) line, so I handed her my handful of clothes and made a quick exit.

Now we’re home. The monster is swaying from side to side in his swing, looking at the moving fish mobile and the ceiling fan. He likes the fan because it’s black and the ceiling is white, providing high contrast for developing eyeballs. Baby Mozart is on repeat in the background and we’re going to have a relaxing afternoon. That’s my plan anyways. His is probably a little different.

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