Fluid Festival

Very early this morning (around 2:30 am), Isaac T. woke up and put down about 4 ounces of milk in 7 minutes. He immediately went back to sleep.

Then, around 6:00am, he re-awakened.
I began to feed him, when there was a giant blowout in his rear section. I should have seen it coming, as he spent the last few hours in a very turbulent sleep state.
Just as soon as he resumed eating after the rear end blowout, I felt some seepage. I quickly recognized that the poop was now coming out both sides of his diaper, out his pajamas and onto me.
We jumped up for a quick change.

After everything was cleaned up, I picked the boy up, and scooped up all the dirty laundry. As I did, he squirmed a little and I squeezed him tight to me. He let out a loud (what I thought was a) burp. Suddenly, that old familiar seepage feeling hit me again. This time, it was on my left shoulder. The boy threw up quite a bit all over me. (You were wondering why I mentioned the 2:30 4oz 7 minute feeding — well, this is it).

Anyhow, this was how I started my day. Fun times.

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