In between sales

I’m in between baby consignment clothes sales.

I hit the Lewisville UMC sale this morning. I scored some bigger pj’s for the growing boy, some blocks, a couple of shirts and an extra Baby Bjorn (so Derek can have one fitted to him and I can have one fitted to me and we don’t have to mess with the straps, because they’re quite confusing).

The place was PACKED OUT. I got there at 8:00 (the time it started) and had to park way down the street. I think my house was closer than where I parked.
Inside, it was insanity. There were so many moms and giant strollers and babies and toddlers and little kids. I waited in line with my items for over a half hour.

Now, I’m waiting for Ryan and Gloria to come over, so we can shop at the Waterford sale. Hopefully, there’s some good stuff left. It ends in an hour.

Also: I love the weekend!!!

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