Not-So-Happy Rest of the Day

After I took the video of the super cute boy this morning, he proceeded to have a monsterific rest of the day. He was fussy and grumpy all morning and I couldn’t get him to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time – and that was only 2 or 3 times.

Then, we went to the mall to have a play-date with Lorena and Josiah. He screamed all the way there. I wondered what in the world I was even thinking. But, when we got there, he ate a big full bottle and slept cozily in the Baby Bjorn while we walked around for an hour or so. He woke up and was a little grumbly as we left, but all in all, the trip to the mall would prove to be the highlight of our day.

When we got home, it was a scream festival. I would change him into a dry diaper, feed him, burp him, walk with him, change positions, walk some more, put him in the swing, put him on the floor, walk some more, try feeding some more, put the pacifier in, walk some more, play and talk to him, get a clean diaper, try some more food, try the swing, … still screaming. I nearly put him up for adoption this afternoon. Then, miraculously, around 4:30, he put his head down and fell asleep. So, I guess it wasn’t that bad. It feels longer than it really is when he’s screaming.

I think he’s being like this as a defense mechanism because he’s mad that I’ll be going back to school on Wednesday. Hopefully, we’ll have a good last day tomorrow.

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