What I did on my maternity vacation….

It’s back to school for me tomorrow.
I’m dreading it.

I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since Isaac was born. It feels like yesterday that we were thrust into our whirlwind adventure of child delivering. But, then again, it seems like 100 years ago that I had my first sleepless night. It seems like way longer than six weeks when I remember all the times I held the inconsolable monster boy while he screamed his little heart out.

I don’t know how things will go tomorrow. I know I’ll have never been in more a hurry to get out of there than I will be tomorrow. Did that sentence make any sense?

In other news, I had my six week checkup visit. Things are back to normal. Blood pressure and healing and stuff. My weight isn’t quite normal, but it’s back in the 100’s (instead of the 200’s!)

Well, I guess I should attend to any last minute details of getting ready and get some sleep so I can be raring to go in the morning. Bleh.

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