Ultra Busy Day

We had an exceptionally busy day today.
First of all, some friends (pregnant friends) came over to visit the monster and chat. Then, we decided to go to lunch at Jason’s Deli. Taking the boy out to eat is quite an endeavor. After the lovely lunch, we went to Babies R Us to pick up some essentials. We were also on the hunt for a birthday gift for Caison (nephew), but there was nothing for 2 year old boys at Babies R Us. So, off to Target we went. We scored some Legos for the nephew and headed home.
At this point, Isaac wasn’t very cheery. He was sleepy and hungry and grumpy. We went home long enough for a feeding and a short nap before we dragged him back out. This time, we were off to Caison’s party.

While we were there, he ate a little and then got passed around a number of times (while he snoozed away).

When we got home, he zonked out for a couple of hours. Finally I woke him up (or he’d have slept all evening) and fed him. He ate like a champ! We got online and had a video conference with my Mom and Terry, so they could see the monster. Then a bath. Now he’s fast asleep again. Hopefully for a long while.

We snapped this smiley picture during a diaper change. He was in a good mood, so we grabbed the camera.

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