Meeting Lucy.

Ok. So, Isaac has not yet really noticed our lovable canine, Lucy. He has heard (and cried) when she barks, but he seems to not see her. She can walk right up to him and he looks past her.

Well, today, Doyle and Gretchen came over with some Olive Garden for a nice lunchtime visit and the boy was screaming and crying (his usual). I was holding him facing outward, so he can take in the scenery. Suddenly, his eyes fixed on Lucy, who was eagerly awaiting a taste of my breadstick. She was going through her bag of tricks to see if any of them would score her some, and the boy starting laughing. I got her to speak (after much coaxing, because we’ve spent the last few months teaching her NOT to bark). He laughed even louder. It was so cute — and a very relieving break from the crying.

So, that’s the story of Isaac finally meeting Lucy.

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