Stay At Home Mom

So, today, after much deliberation, financial examination, self introspection and family prioritizing, I informed my school that I will not be coming back in the fall.

That’s right, I’ll be a Stay-At-Home Mom. I need to go shopping for some tapered (and elastic) jeans and some white sneakers. We also should have purchased a minivan instead of the Element.

I’m still a little bit torn over the decision. I had it made at Forbush. I had good classes, a room in the new (fancy) building and enough paper to last me for the next several years. But, I know that I will not regret staying home with the monster. I can always go back and teach. I can’t get back the time with the boy. Besides, it’s technically only a “One Year Leave”. So, as of right now, I’m heading back in a year. 🙂

So, now the long drawn out countdown until summer (32 school days) just turned into a (seemingly) longer, more drawn out countdown until my next career change — to a Stay At Home Mom.

The End.

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