Yard Work

So, in the last few weeks, we’ve:

1. mulched the entire front yard natural areas (2 truckloads)
2. planted 54 petunias along the front walkway
3. planted new grass in the giant circle of dirt that used to be pompous grass*

And then, finally, for the first time this season, I mowed. Mowing used to be my job. Then, I got pregnant, so I got out of it for a little while (at the end of the summer when I was getting “more” pregnant. Then, we’ve been quite busy with the baby and all, so for a couple of mowings, we called in a pro. Then, Derek (feeling the hit on our bank account after calling in the pro) mowed last weekend. But, yesterday was my turn. It was just as I remembered. Like riding a bike.

Anyhow, I just wanted the post that I mowed the lawn yesterday.

*the pompous grass was obstructing our view from the driveway into the road and posed a serious safety hazard. Derek burned it down and then the Tacoma did the rest of the work. Please carefully consider any decision to put in pompous grass. I hate it.

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