Fancy Pants Yard Sales

Today, in a fancy neighborhood nearby, there was a community yard sale.
It was madness. Derek and I went over and took the monster and scored some good stuff.
We got a little sunshade for the beach and park and stuff.
We got a bunch of toys.
We got two cute hats – a red gap hat and blue nike hat.
Two pairs of pants – khakis and jeans.
Two carter’s jammies – one with a blue puppy and one with the very hungry caterpillar on them. pretty cute.
Two polo shirts – a red striped gap shirt and a plain white childrens place shirt.
All for a grand total of $13.50. Not too shabby.

Isaac is napping right now (his first since this morning, except for a quick catnap whilst yard sale hopping). Upon his awakening, we may or may not go to the Greek Festival. We haven’t decided. It is usually packed out, so it could be frustrating, or it could be something to take up the boy’s attention for a good solid hour or so. Plus, the food is amazing and some friends will be there. Hmmmmm… we’ll see. We’ll have to run it by The Boss and see what he thinks.

In one final piece of Isaac news, last night he slept from 7:00 pm until 6:30 this morning, except for an awakening at 10:00 to have a quick snack. That is a lot of consecutive sleep for his parents. It was glorious.

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