Numbers and Other Useless Information

Years that Derek and I have been married: 4 (Today)
Weeks that the boy has been alive: 16 and 1/7th.
Days until he’s four months old: 7
Days left until last day of school: 22
Work days left: 16
Class days left: 14
Teaching periods remaining: 2 (today’s the last day of new information!)
Non Exam days left: 10
Number of consecutive wins the Sabres need to win this series: 3
Average number of hours the boy sleeps at night: 11
Average number of hours the boy sleeps in the day: 1
Average length of nap (in minutes) for the non-napping boy: 20
Starting bid on ebay for the non-napping boy: $100
How many pounds I need to lose to get back to prepreg weight: 10

What I’m doing now: Blogging, duh.
What I’m supposed to be doing: Planning.
What’s on my iPod: Come Sail Away by Styx.
What’s next: The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.
How that mixes: I don’t know.
What the boy is wearing today: blue and gold rugby “short-alls”.
What I had for breakfast: Cinnamon Life. Mmm.
What we did in 1st period: Played Trivial Pursuit.

Ok, I’ve killed some time. I guess I’ll do work. 🙁

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