Mark Spitz?

As it looks right now, Isaac will not be an Olympic swimmer.

We went to the pool today with the Penner clan (the babysitter and her family). Isaac did not enjoy his first pool experience. He screamed bloody murder. I thought that someone was going to call Social Services on me. In his defense, the water was quite cool and he’s only used to nice warm baths.

After the big pool, we tried the kiddie pool. He liked that better, but doesn’t say much. We tried to coax him in for awhile, before resigning and heading home. He screamed through a diaper change and then fell asleep within 10 seconds of lying down in the crib. He’s slumbering away, as I type.

Hopefully, as the summer goes on, the pool temperature will increase and we can work on our mini-Olympic hopeful. In the meantime, here are some shots of our waterphobic boy:

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