Tag Team Church

So, Derek and I have discovered the perfect way to keep the baby from screaming in the nursery at church. We don’t take him. We alternate weeks of who gets to go to church. Last week was Derek’s week and I stayed home with Sir Isaac. This week, Derek was on scream duty and I was the church-goer. It’s not ideal, but I was getting called out each and every week. So much so, that several people knew our baby pager number. So, until he gets a little less testy with strangers, we’ll just play tag team church.

Yesterday was a very enjoyable day with the boy. He took good naps and was very amiable when awake. He didn’t care much for going to sleep last night and he was even less enthusiastic about his late night feeding. He only put down about an ounce and had to be awakened many times to accomplish that.

Today has been a little less enjoyable. He’s a little bit off schedule and that’s making him cranky. He’s sleeping now, so it’s nice and quiet. The calm before the storm. Hopefully, the evening goes smoothly. We did go to the mall today (“keep spelling, Mister!”), and we purchased a blinking, singing, beeping, flashing baby cell phone. His first cell phone. Awwwww. He loves to play with (drool on) the remote, so I figured I’d replace it with a much more colorful plastic item with buttons.

That’s all for now. Whoomp, there it is.

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