Sick Little Man

It started yesterday. Isaac’s nose was running. I thought it was just allergies. Or from being out in the chilly morning air.
It ran all day. He looked like a typical snotty drooling baby.
He went to bed and all was normal.
When Derek came in to feed him, he seemed to cry through the feeding (I was sleeping, sort of).
Then, at 1 am, the crying began. It sounded like he was trying to suck his thumb and since he couldn’t breathe through his nose, he was getting frustrated. Around 1:30, I gave in and put him in bed. I patted him to sleep, after several outbursts of frustrated crying until around 4:30. Then, I fed him and he slept well until 7:30.

Then, the real fun began. He’s just been miserable all day. He’s taken very short naps (his usual) and mostly cried when he has been awake. I feel bad for him. We’ve tried to keep his little nose suctioned, and let me tell you – he’s not a big fan of that activity. He doesn’t have a fever, so that’s good. He’s asleep now. As soon as I’m sure he’s done for the count, I’m heading to bed, just in case we have another 1:00 – 4:30 am awakening.

Anyhow, that’s what’s happening here. Good times.

Oh – one more thing. Our air conditioning broke today. We just had a brand new system installed last month for like $2500. Awesome.

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