Stay at Home Mom Preview #2

The boy is officially sick.
Derek stayed with him this morning, while I went to school and got some plans together. Now, I am home with the snotty little man. He’s doing ok, except for the absolute loathing of snot suctioning.

We also test drove the new portable dvd player in the back of the element. It was the best ride ever. I didn’t hear a peep out of the boy. He even sat quietly in his seat for a few minutes at Calvary while being ogled by Gramma L., Grampa L., Aunt Kristen, Cousin Caison, and fellow Salem Chapelite, Vicky France.

Now, he’s fast asleep and I’m flipping through the various crappy programs on daytime television. I’ll definitely need a hobby for the afternoon naps. Or pick up a soap opera habit.

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